• How Do I Floss My Teeth With Braces?

    (January 23, 2014)
    Flossing with braces looks more difficult than it actually is. Many patients shy away from flossing while wearing braces because it seems difficult and unneccesary. However, f... (Read More)
  • What Can I Expect On My First Orthodontic Visit?

    (December 18, 2013)
    Your initial visit to Swenson Orthodontics will give you an opportunity to meet our team and knowledgeable staff, who will answer any questions you may have. You will receive ... (Read More)
  • Am I Brushing My Teeth Long Enough?

    (November 28, 2013)
    How long do you spend brushing your teeth? Most people don’t pay attention to the length of time they brush their teeth. Usually, people brush their teeth in a hurry to ... (Read More)

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